Sunday, February 14, 2016

Succesful adulting

The title.
I mean, everyone is there like having a balanced life and I'm here like eh what,
all that escapism (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

So, to celebrate, I bought myself some stickers:

I love stickers♥ these were so cute I couldn't resist.

8 sheets of cuteness! I just don't know how to use these...


One recent and one older outfit, both lazy:

I'm wearing mainly my healthcare uniform in school and there haven't been any freetime activities, so I haven't chance to dress nicely... -__-

I have ruined my life completely now.
 I started playing Touken Ranbu.
You know, that browser game with handsome sword boys. I fell in love with characters at first sight, so I just HAD to start playing the game. I certainly am a sucker for cute anime boys....

It could be alright if I was playing just one game, but I'm also playing Love Live!.

It's a rhythm action game. I watched the Love Live! anime last summer,
but I have been playing the game only since last November.

Events are killing me, I mean, there is a chance to get my favourite girl Nozomi, but it really takes effort to get her... When there was Nico's event I played like crazy but still didn't get a doctor Nico card. ;__; But I will fight hard for bunny Nozomi♥

Call me a trash if you want, I'm okay with that


I have been trying to eat more like vegan.
I eat mostly lacto-ovo-vegetarian food (fish and chicken seldom, only when I visit my parents), but I want to get rid of dairy and eggs... I just need more good and easy recipes.

Udon with roasted vegetables and mushrooms
Today we made some (late) laskiaispulla
(traditional finnish buns with jam and cream)


Photo-shooting is always fun but such a hassle.