Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Chaotic Brilliance


It's already January!
January has turned out as I have feared - it's cold outside (-25 °C) and I'm busy.
In addition to my studies, I'm working half-time. We have one course in school in which we have to be prepared to be on call up to 50 hours in a row for one assignment..... which is pretty insane. Luckily that task was really interesting, and I got away with only 24 hours.

Christmas went past like always, spent it with family.
Nails for Christmas:
For the New Year:
(I didn't get better pictures, the nails were already so ruined and fixed so many times that ombre was gone and snowflakes were not looking like snowflakes anymore.....)

Before Christmas, I bought present to myself:

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup setting spray!
- review -

De-Slick claims to "weightlessly control oil, deflect surface shine and keep skin looking beautifully matte".

I have already mentioned that my skin is oily, thus makeup doesn't stay put.
This product is really good - my makeup stays on miraculously well!
My makeup looked good even after a match of floorball, so this can tolerate even sweating.
I like how this takes powdery look away. The finish is just amazing. The mist feels light on skin, not sticky or tight, just like there's nothing extra.

However, honestly speaking, the spray doesn't help to get rid of shine completely.
My face still starts to shine, but the shine is postponed and minor.
I really like the product a lot, and would like to love it, but oil control isn't that great. There indeed is some but it's not enough. I'm still going to use this since this helps my makeup to stay put (I have looong workdays) and see what's going to happen. At first I suspected that this caused breakouts, but I continued using this and more breakouts didn't emerge. So, after all, I'm quite happy with this product, it's not awesome, but still helps so much.

My christmas presents were mainly useful stuff that I had wished for,
but some surprises also, like this:

Avon pink bronzing pearls from my sister!
This is my first blush of this kind, i have always loved pearl blushes~ Color is lovely too~

And Avon perfume. 
I have to confess that this is my first perfume ever (okay, I had a Snoopy perfume when I was a child...). I prefer mild fragrances, so this is just perfect. Elegant, not too overwhelming.


We tried making okonomiyaki!

Since we happened to have some kimchi, those ended up as kimchi okonomiyaki.
Instead of iron plate we obviously used regular frying pan:

So yummy!♥
Sadly we didn't have neither bonito flakes nor mayonnaise (and no hashioki..).
But we had real Japanese okonomiyaki sauce at least!


I have a weird feeling that something is wrong, but I don't know what that something might be.




  1. So pretty and cute nails *-* love them!

  2. Oooh toi okonomiyaki!! Sitä pitäs kyl testaa joskus iteki tehä!

    1. Haha, oli kyllä hyvää, mutta ei kuitenkaan niin hyvää kuin se mitä syötiin Japanissa. :"D Mutta kannattaa ehdottomasti kokeilla, tosi muunneltava ja helppo ruokalaji!