Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Travel Diary: Tokyo part 6

Day 6: Ikebukuro.
We wondered wether to go to Ikebukuro or Koenji, and picked Ikebukuro just because I knew something about the area.

So we left for the search of the flying vending machines and headless riders.
That day was rainiest day during our trip, so I don't have much pictures.
We didn't have much plans, so just strolled around and visited interesting stores like Tokyu Hands (and Book-off again).

Starving, we decided to try an Okonomiyaki
(a Japanese savoury pancake, which consist of eggs, gabbage, flour and variable ingredients).
I have wanted to try okonomiyaki since I first time saw Ukyo making it in Ranma½! :D
the nostalgia
I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but there were stairs to basement in the corner somewhere near Uniqlo. The restaurant was almost empty; besides us there were only a bunch of high school boys.

Sneaky pictures: there you can see iron cooking plates.

First we picked what we wanted to eat, then waiter brought us two bowls of raw ingredients, which were to be mixed and grilled at tables. Waiter brushed the surface of the cooking plate with oil, then he was nice enough to show us how to cook the first one, so I was able to grill my own okonomiyaki myself.

And here it is, an okonomiyaki!! (I'm so proud)
Mine was a Kimchi version. So good~~ 
I regret not having okonomiyaki earlier, I could have eaten it more than once ;__;
There is an area called Otome road in Ikebukuro. It's full of otaku stuff aimed at women. The area isn't that big and distinguishable as Akihabara, so it took me a lot of time to find it.


We continued wandering. For a snack we went to Mister Donut, which was full of Japanese teenagers (suddenly the teens were basically everywhere).
Some of my favourite shops in a same shot:
I absolutely Love Matsumoto Kiyoshi, which is a cheap drugstore.

I can also say that about Book-off. There you can find tons of used books, manga, magazines, cds, dvds and games. It took me a long time to get rid of the earworm tune that they play at stores, and now it came back again...

 Don Quijote, Donki for short, sells a large variety of goods, like everything. The stores are full of products, from floor to ceiling, and they are real mazes. Their mascot penguin Donpen is so cute ♥ 

(you can find the stores all around Japan and Tokyo,

so you don't have to go to Ikebukuro to find them!)

Welcome to Japan, to the land of inventions:

This machine in Seibu gives a plastic bag to cover your wet umbrella. The name of the machine is kasapon, which is very Japanese too (for the onomatopoeia).

Ikebukuro was an interesting and crazy place. It has like everything you could dream of. From high-end shopping malls like Seibu and Parco, to shady hostess bars and game arcades. It also fullfils your otaku needs.

Man can't simply speak about Ikebukuro without Izaya:

The night was full of packing, since our flight back to Finland took of at 11.00 am next day.

Tokyo station from the Yaesu side - it's very different compared to other side seen in this post.

It was a great trip, a short period of time, but full of adventures!♥
I'm already planning my next trip back there!

~I hope that someone enjoyed my diaries or found them useful.
I'm going to do a haul post next~


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