Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Travel Diary: Tokyo part 4

Day 4, Harajuku and Shibuya

The plan for the day was shopping in Takeshita street!
The street isn't long, but it's packed with different shops so you can spend a lot of time here.


Takeshita street also has a lots of crepe shops.


The plastic models look even better than real crepes...


Baes were also chillin' in Harajuku ♥

To be honest, after all the hype around Takeshita street I felt a little dissappointed about the place. There were many shops selling exactly the same clothes. The street was still fun and I even managed to buy something though I'm fundamentally bad at buying clothes.

After shopping we wanted something to eat. I had one taiyaki shop in mind, but we couldn't find it so we had to eat crepes again.
Ti-ra-mi-suuu~ (lol), strawberries and cream

Even though it was good, eating crepes twice in a short time was too much.
Then we took metro to Shibuya, rode so many elevators, got disappointed by the art gallery of shopping mall Hikarie and managed to find our way out after wasting time.

There a certain someone was still waiting:


The famous crossing!

Another fun thing you hear about Japan is conveyor belt sushi, so that's what we decided to have for lunch.
The name of the place we went was Genki sushi.
It was so fun and easy. There was a touch screen where you could place your order, the plate(s) came quickly in front of you on the rails. Imo rather than being conveyor belt sushi, this is train sushi. :D But that's even better, the fresh sushi comes straight from the kitchen instead of circling around for hours.

Natto-rolls, Inari sushi ♥, and tuna
We ate only five plates each, while someone had a high pile of plates, like 15.... It was cheap and tasty way to get your stomach full, I can recommend the place!

Then we went to the shopping mall Parco for an art gallery, but there was a private event so we couldn't get in there. Parco was nice still a nice place, especially the book store in the bottomfloor, and...

...One Piece store in the top floor!!!

Note the awesome lamps!

When we got out, it was suddenly dark.

The crossing from another angle
We were still stuffed from the sushi, so our evening snack was only some matcha oreo.
To be continued! 



  1. waaaah *-* so cute all! I really would like to visit Tokyo and spend so much time in Harajuku <3

    1. Yes it was!! ♥ Harajuku is really worth visiting~