Friday, November 6, 2015

Travel Diary: Tokyo part 3

Day 3, Shimokitazawa.

Shimokitazawa is an area that you would call a bohemian or hipster neighbourhood. Shimokita has a lot of second hand stores on the northern side of the station, and lots of cafes, bars and restaurants on the southern side + many other fun places to explore. 

It was so much fun to just stroll the streets and pop in shops. You really won't get bored here!


The streets were very colorful!


The second hand shops were so awesome!
My favorites were definitely Furugi Puchikoshon and Ragla Magla.

And those random cute shops!
My nails for the trip:
After wandering through the northern side, we went to southern side to look for a place to eat.
Met this cute fellow in our way
 We had lunch in random udon restaurant. I don't remember the name, can't remember the name of the dish either, suddenly there was a queue after us and I just picked what they recommended. It was tasty anyway, and cheap!
Udon noodles, deep fried chicken, soup and dressing.
Shimokitazawa was so fun and colorful place, definitely going again!

At the afternoon we decided to go to Meiji Shrine. 
 Most of the pictures I took there were full of people taking selfies... ^_^"

From Meiji Shrine, we headed back to streets of Harajuku. You can't talk about Harajuku without mentioning the crepes. We tried the first crepe shop we encountered.

Cream&Strawberries and Matcha Ice Cream&Cream crepes

The crepe was nothing special imo, but a good snack either way.
And when I rolled open the wrap...
... LoveLive!image
The paper was a bit greasy so I had do throw that away >_<

 We strolled along Omotesando until we were exhausted, then headed to hotel.
This time we visited FamilyMart: another custard choux, Irohas peach water (so good♥), Meronpan and pickled plum onigiri
To be continued!


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