Thursday, October 29, 2015

Travel Diary: Tokyo part 2

Day 2, Shinjuku.
We had to buy a plug adapter, so next day we decided to go to Shinjuku.

First we headed to Tokyo metropolitan government building and its observation decks. There are two observatories at a height of 202 meters. The admission is free, and the view is awesome,
see for yourself!

If weather was very clear, you could see Mount Fuji from there.
Unfortunately we could see only a vague shadow of it...

It was awesome to see the shadows of the clouds!

The building is HUGE, I had to walk for a while to get a picture from this angle.

After succesfully purchasing the adapter, it was time for some CD hunting!

Shinjuku has plenty of shops for a j-rock fan like myself. They are also centered to same area, which makes life easier - if you find one, you will likely find the others too! North from the station (exit D5), and basically, when you have passed Seven-Eleven and see Tully's Coffee, you are close, just turn left on that corner and right away you will see..
....Pure Sound!!
In addition to CDs, Pure Sound sells also all kinds of band merchandise, and clothes too. I absolutely loved the place, the selection was huge and prices reasonable. I was able to find some old and sold-out stuff there ;___; I'm going to do a haul post later.

We were hungry, so before visiting Pure Sound we visited Hakata Tenjin,
the raamen shop seen in the picture. 
My first ever (negi)raamen. It was quite good.
Slurped it down between all the salarymen.

Turn right from the Pure Sound, and soon you will see...

....Club indies (Jishuban club), on the corner.
And if you turn left from there, you will see...

...Like an Edison! Easy, right?
There was an in-store event when we went there, bandomantachi where speaking behind a curtain. I still don't know what that band was, I didn't check it right away and now I can't find the information about that day anymore. BUT I remember checking the events happening during my trip and there wasn't interesting bands, so whatever~ 

There is also Closet Child Mens (if you are after CDs and band goods, search for Mens; there are two Closet Childs in the area, the other has only clothes). If I remember right, you have to continue forward that road you came from Pure Sound, turn right and walk a bit again.

There is also many Disk Unions in Shinjuku, selling any kind of music you could hope. And don't forget Book-off!

If you are after art supplies, the next is just for you:

Sekaido - a six-floor store just for tools to arts, crafts and stationary! It was quite awesome.

Then we had some snacks from Oiwake Dango:

The store had absolutely delicious red bean mochi (rice cake)! ♥__♥ (No pictures for now, later.)
I really love both anko (red bean paste) and mochi, they may taste weird at first,
but then you just start to lust after them.... My mouth is watering even as I write this....
I tried also dango (mochi dumplings) , it was good, but not really my thing, the syrup-thingy was weird...
I really liked Shinjuku, there is a lot of things to see,
you could have spent an another day just there. 

After a long day we went to Seven-Eleven for some food.

Matcha Ice Cream, an okaka (dried and fermented tuna) onigiri,
a dorayaki (а red-bean pancake), a custard choux and grapefruit juice. be continued!


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