Saturday, September 26, 2015

Up Down, To and Fro

It's autumn all of sudden!
I have been too busy with school and haven't really been able to enjoy it.

One night I went for a walk and walked until my legs were killing me...
it was a pretty night, so it was worth it.

I want to share these two products

Avène Cleanance Lotion Toner & Eucerin DermoPurifier Hydrating Care

I have been using these for a few months and I'm so sold!
Avène Lotion Toner is a biphasic toner, it shows poorly in pictures, because bottle got shaken. Let to settle down, the two phases, the liquid one above and powdery white sediment in the bottom can be seen. Before using, remember to shake the bottle to mix the two phases!
This toner is for oily, blemish-prone skin (like mine), and it promises to be purifying and matifying, plus hypoallergenic and non comedogene. It contains "absorbing powders" (silica?) to regulate excess production of oil. 
And this stuff is amazing. I use this twice a day. If I have an arising pimple, I just sweep it with this. It will calm down and never show signs of worsening. I sweep my back too with this, it really helps and I don't have to do anything else. The scent is mild and pleasant, after using this skin feels clean and less oily. The breakouts have decreased too! 

I really can't come up with cons.
For some reason I can't find the exact product in Finnish pharmacy sites anymore, but there is a new product, Cleanance MAT Mattifying Lotion, which contains mainly the same ingredients.


And to the another product.
I have tried a few products from Eucerin and their DermoPurifier line. The toner is quite good too, and I'm currently using the cleanser of the line.
The DermoPurifier Hydrating Care is for oily, blemish-prone skin. This emulsion promises to mattify and visibly refine the skin’s appearance with regular use. It contains soothing Licorice extract, antibacterial Decandiol and sebum-regulating Carnitine.

I use this daily as make-up base. I clearly can see how redness, oiliness, irritation and pimples have decreased. The moisturizing properties aren't that amazing, but good still. The smell is little funny, not bad nevertheless since it's mild and will fade away.
There is also a version of this with SPF30. The con is the price, it's nearly 20 euros for the tiny bottle. But on the other hand, product is long lasting and really worth of the price!
I bought both at local pharmacy.
Even though I love the products, I'm not saying that my skin problems are completely cured now. Not at all, since my skin is still oily etc. Anyway, these have been such saviors for my skin.
It's much more clean, less red and less oily. Highly recommending these!
I don't think anyone deserves bad skin!
except for my worst enemies muahahaha


My mirror is dusty and I had two good hair days:

I thought that since school was starting I would have to have hygienic hands again in upcoming practical training. So I waited 1,5 months, for nothing, until I dared to do my nail.
What a waste of time.ヾ(`ε´)ノ
Next time I will be posting will probably be after my Japan trip.
It will maybe take some time because of the exams I have, but I will try to post about it as soon as possible. 
Eek I can't wait, it's only 15 days!!!image
I'm little nervous because I haven't traveled that much, but I hope everything goes well~
Ps. I'm looking for new blogs to read!
Unfortunately so many blogs I have been following have became inactive....
Any recommendations? Drop a comment!
 ~Etsin uusia blogeja luettavaksi!~