Monday, August 31, 2015

Kids Who Wanted To Fly In The Sky


First things first:

Those who follow me in Instagram might already know
about how one of my biggest dreams is finally coming true;

I'm going to Japan!!!

It's only about 40 days left until trip!! I'm so excited!!!!
I have so much plans, but because the time is limited, I will be content with implementing only a tiny portion of them. I won't see the cherry blossoms but maybe some beautiful fall colors.
I just simply can't wait!!!
The trip is between my exams but really, who cares about exams, yolo!!

∗゚~ ☆ ~゚∗ ☸ ∗゚~ ☆ ~゚∗ 
Once again, I bought some skin care stuff...

Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule - with the package
Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule and yeah, it contains snail mucus, 80% of the ampoule is snail secretion filtrate, which is quite awesome. I never thought that I would buy products with snail mucus, but well, good reviews led me again...
I have suffered from acne for a long time. Currently my skin condition is better than ever, but redness and vestiges have remained. I bought this to help my skin to regenerate. This also claims to be moisturizing, nutritious and to improve the elasticity of skin.
Mizon Snail Recovery Gel 

I bought Mizon Snail recovery Gel to complement the routine with the Mizon Ampoule. The snail line of Mizon contains six different products from cream to bb cream. I picked these two because of the best reviews.

Both products have no special smell - so you don't have to be afraid of "snail smell". :D Both ampoule and gel absorb very well and won't leave your face unpleasantly sticky, just a bit.

So far I haven't noticed any miraculous changes, since I have been using this only a few days. But I think my skin feels more hydrated and maybe looks more even, nevertheless. 
And the samples I received, haven't tried them yet.
I have been trying to look for a good makeup remover for my waterproof mascara. Only by reading reviews I wasn't sure what would really be good; I didn't want to waste money on bad stuff while trying to find a both gentle and effective makeup remover. It's important to not to scrub your thin and delicate eye skin, so a gentle remover would be a must. This far I have been using mostly Eucerin Dermatoclean Gentle Cleansing Milk.
Searching for makeup removers, I came across the idea of removing makeup with oil - baby oil, olive oil, almond oil etc etc! So I went to a grocery store and grabbed a jar of coconut oil:
The oil has really mild smell. I put a little amount of oil in two wet cotton pads, placed them on my eyes, let it be for a while and it clean my mascara up with little effort. Only a little amount is needed to remove the mascara, so the jar will last long. I haven't tried to remove my entire makeup with coconut oil, because I'm afraid of my pores getting clogged... By the way, mascara I'm using is False Lash Effect waterproof By MaxFactor.

According to various sources on internet, coconut oil is a beauty multitasker. In addition to makeup removing, you can use it as eye cream, body moisturizer, hair treatment, teeth whitener and so forth. It's also antibacterial, anti-aging and what's best: all natural.

I tried to use it to calm my scalp (I don't know what's wrong with it, my scalp is very sensitive and it's itchy and gets oily easily... :/ gotta change my shampoo maybe ), and it helped a little. At the same time I applied it on my hair and left it on for a couple of hours, then washed it away. It made my hair a bit glossier. 
Coconut oil is very good body moisturizer, but after applying, skin is oily for a long time...
I tried to whiten my teeth with it but couldn't keep it in my mouth because I started to sneeze. :D It also felt somehow uncomfortable?
I personally would use coconut oil in cooking, because even though it's vegetable oil it contains satured fat, which will clog your arteries - so, don't eat it!!
 I love coconut flavor by the way♥

Let's continue:

Etude House Stay Up Foundation Ivory
My first foundation ever, I have came this far only using bb creams! It's Etude House Stay Up Foundation, the Ivory option. The bottle was surprisingly small, only 25g. The color was perfect (pale with yellow undertones), SPF of 30 is nice and cover was ok. The finish was smooth and perfect at first, but started to look bad after a couple of hours, this didn't stay on my face very well -___- I think I still can use this, but since I'm not a fan, I won't repurchase.

∗゚~ ☆ ~゚∗ ☸ ∗゚~ ☆ ~゚∗

Some recent outfits:

By the way, I made some changes in my blog - header, background, layout and stuff.
What do you think?
Even though I was fond of my earlier header, I felt that it was time to change it. My profile pic was also like 6 years old. :'''D
What else?

MUSTIKOITA! I really like picking berries♥

This was so interesting but I couldn't get in, since the hut was related to a guest I hadn't started.... Soooo disappointing!
Online bookstore thought that it's not good for me to read manga,
so they sent me books about Swedish culture and war instead.
Oh and Dragon Ball is life.