Friday, July 24, 2015

Nothing in there, nothing at all.


I have very little to say.
Summer has been cold. I have worn shorts only twice, not to mention my summer dresses!.... This summer I have also eaten less ice cream than ever!!
I spent the whole June working. Rising everyday at 5 am was tiring.
But well, interesting job combined with study points and money, I can't really complain.
Due to the fact that I was working, I had a boring birthday, but celebrated it with a friend afterwards.
And now because it's holiday, it's time for nail art!

Even though it's holiday I have been writing a research-thingy for my uni studies.
I have also been under stress about other study things and work, so I haven't felt myself very relaxed.
I'm always uncomfortable anyway so that's like nothing. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧❀ฺฺ

But drawing is giving me power.
My mother was cleaning, found some papers and gave them to me. Among those was a bundle of Russian papers. I tried drawing on it, but the paper was too porous for my liking.
I suppose it wasn't even meant for pencils, but oh well.
a guy on a Russian paper - note my fabolous bedsheets 

New papers are giving me so much inspiration. Earlier I have mostly used standard A4 sized copy paper.
For me, A3 is like a challenge, which I gladly take! And I'm in love with black paper! ♥

∗゚~ ☆ ~゚∗ ☸ ∗゚~ ☆ ~゚∗

We took a short trip to Helsinki, just for fun. There we visited Kiasma, Ateneum, art galleries, second hand stores etc.

We also had so tasty lunch in a vegetarian pop-up restaurant Soi Soi.
I would have highly recommended it, but they have closed the pop-up already!

Seitan sauce with sweet potato french fries, dressings, and salads ♥

We also happened to find a cute candy shop Sweetheart.
Their handmade marshmallows were so tasty and fluffy~♥ Honestly best marshmallows I have ever eaten~
For example the raspberry marsmallow tasted just like real raspberries!!

By the way, I have eaten too much cake.

Rhubarb and coconut mousse cake
Rhubarb pie
Cherry cake
Coconut cake with rhubarb jam (the jam was leftover from the mousse cake)
Chocolate-marshmallow cake
And potato bread (not a cake lol)

Another proof that this summer haven't been glorious is that although summer is already this far, we haven't had a strawberry cake. That injustice is probably corrected tomorrow.
Also, soon, but later than usually, it's time to pick blueberries!