Sunday, April 19, 2015

I love the rain I love the night

My head is full of plans.

I'm going to Hungary next month! One of my friends is half-Hungarian and her family has a vineyard there. Our little gang is going to explore Hungary more like through natives eyes as we have so well-informed, language speaking guide! It's going to be very exciting!!!

I also got a summer job! I'm doing some serious business the whole June! And write my school-thingy the whole July, that's a well planned holiday for you...

Anyway I'm so hyped.
 ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

In the previous post, I was frustrated about finding a pale bb cream.
I finally found one:
Missha Signature Real Complete BB cream  #13

The color is very light, it has a pinkish tone, so this isn't the perfect fit for those with yellow undertones like me. It tends to make my pale face look a bit white. I like to mix it with my Lioele bb to get better (more yellow) shade, doing this I have found a mix that looks very natural. I was really relieved. And what's more, it doesn't contain parabens! Woohoo! The texture is quite liquid and this doesn't stay on my face as well as Missha's Perfect cover bb, but I like it still.

I bought some dresses for summer:

I have never really been into wearing skirts or dresses, though I like them a lot.
Gotta throw away all of my insecurities and show my legs when they still look almost decent, haha.
I have been working out but still a lot needs to be done.

... I have been using too much money lately....image

Malai Kofta & Vegetable Korma
I went to Nepalese restaurant - twice, two different restaurants. Food was so good~~~
Next week we'll maybe try out the local Japanese restaurant.

Here is an Easter cake:
Orange-lemon-coconut cake

Some of my friends came to visit and I asked them to finish the cake decoration.
It turned out pretty cute! (note: there is even a bunny)
This is seriously one of my favourite cakes~♥ So fluffy, fresh and sweet! ♥
but required hell of the work, my hands were stinging when I was making the citrus jam and peeling off fruit membranes of the oranges and lemons. But totally worth it!

Since I had two weeks holiday around Easter, I was able to do my nails.

I guess I'm supposed to feel relaxed because I have finished my 90 hours independent studies and one massive exam known as "the hardest", but somehow something is bothering me
and I can't relax. I feel I should be doing something but there's a little to do.
...And now I'm fading awayimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage



  1. iiih ihania asuja! Ja oi että alko tekee mieli intialaista safkaa!: D

    1. kiitos! ♥ Ja hyvää oli, kerrankin jostain sai hyvää kasvisruokaa. :D