Monday, November 24, 2014

Octopus Daughter


I allowed myself a little retail therapy after an exam:

So happy!!
I bought Stuppy only because it has an article about Hanashounen baddies,
but the poster of Ruki, which came with the magazine, is so badass♥
But the Shoxx was like the perfection itself; it featured R-shitei poster, card and a cd - R-shitei's song Koroshitai kurai aishiteru♥ And with these pearls came a free Gab. magazine.

I bought also new winter shoes...

...which is a miracle since I  absolutely  h a t e  buying shoes, It's so hard to find shoes I like.
Winter shoes are especially hard to buy, they tend to be rather ugly.... I hope that these will be worth of the money, they were quite expensive. I bought one size bigger than usual so that woollen socks would fit nicely too, I hope that I wont regret it...

I have some new hobbies. I can spend hours browsing webshops, choosing things I would like to buy and add them to cart, and then leave without buying anything. Shopping without buying is a cheap way to shop, lol. I guess I will wait after Christmas before buying anything to myself, since Christmas presents must be bought first.
boooring ;__; I want to go shoppinggggghhhn

My other new hobby is to learn coding. It's surprisingly fun O_O but I feel myself so nerd.
In addition to that, I'm currently watching Super Sonico and enjoying it. My interesting hobbies......
Somehow it feels like every day is thursday, I don't know why.
Never ending thursday is quite a sad thing, weekend will never come!


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