Friday, October 24, 2014



~I will just go on without thinking too much~
Here are some new makeup purchases:

Skinfood Aloe Sun Bb cream (sample), Lioele Triple the Solution Bb cream ( with the package) and Baby Lips Cherry Me Lip Palm

Lioele Triple the Solution Bb cream was on my wishlist.
I really like this product! ♥ It has quite thick texture. The coverage is surprisingly good! This really makes miracles to my skin - my skin is in really good condition now. The redness and oiliness have decreased and there isn't so many breakouts anymore!! Therefore it isn't a surprise that I think I like this even more than the bb of Missha, which I suspect causing me some breakouts..... Lioele bb also stays on my face better, I like the color and the finish more, it's more natural on my skin. But at first I was quite shocked when I changed from the pale Missha (shade 21) to a bit darker Lioele.
I haven't tried that bb by skinfood yet, but somehow I don't even have very high expectations... I have still one bb cream on my wishlist, however I guess that I will use those two for a while before purchasing a new one.
And I just couldn't resist buying the red Baby Lips~ It is my favourite now♥

What would my blog be without food porn? Here you go:
We made some sushi~

My sister had a birthday and my friends came to visit, so I just had to bake cakes!♥
I also baked Aunt Hannah's cakes and gingerbread cookies with Aura cheese.
For my sister: cherry-chocolate cake decorated with Daim

For friends: marshmallow chocolate cake

Lunch with Mom, Greek food - Orektiko

Days have been colder so I have been able to wear my new yellow jacket!
It's funny to be yellow as I am usually so black.
I have had to keep my clothes quite plain and neat because of my uni studies, which is a pity.

And I can't even use nail polish!! That really sucks but I will cope with it because that rule is relevant.

Holiday nails
I had also a chance to adventure with my baby♥ I had to leave her in a cave with some creepy creatures ;____;
I hate caves!!!

I'm really busy with my studies. It takes so much of my time, the days feel so long. But on the same time... ...I'm excited!! lolimage


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