Friday, September 19, 2014

Either Wise Or Fool


My project of finding better makeup products got some boost.
A little foreword: My makeup history is relatively short; I started to use mascara when I was in high school, and bb cream when I graduated from high school. Before that, I used only concealer. Because of my lack of experience I won't write full reviews about the products - you can find well-done reviews all around the internet. I'm just going to state my own opinion about them.

Maybelline Baby Lips "Peach Kiss" Lip Balm, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream no.21
and Skin79 Orange Super Plus Triple Function BB Cream (sample)

I have sensitive, oily and acne prone skin, so originally I didn't like the idea of putting foundation on my face and clog the skin pores. The reasons why I gave a try to bb cream were the claimed benefits for skin. I have used only one bb cream before trying the new ones. I used Miracle Skin Perfector BB by Garnier for two years.

The reason why I became interested in Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, was that I wanted to try something better. I investigated a little and found out that Missha was said to be one of the best bb cream producers. The idea of getting bb from Korean label also fascinated me, since the bb boom started from there and, well, if you have seen the skins of some Korean stars, you will know.

After using Missha for a month, I think I already see some good effects. I don't know if it's just my imagination and hopeful thinking, but my skin feels softer and better all over. But, I suspect that this bb caused me breakouts at first and I even felt my cheeks burning. I continued to use it nevertheless, since I wasn't sure what was the cause, and that haven't happened again.

After trying Missha, Garnier bb looks so yellow! Compared to Missha, it looks also duller on my face, whereas Missha makes my skin look more bright. I think it also has fairly good coverage for a bb cream, but I still use concealer with it (+powder). Missha also stays on my face longer than the Garnier bb. All I can say about the skin79's bb is that it's maybe a bit too pale for me and doesn't stay as well as Missha. But this too feels better than the Garnier. Since I only got a sample I can't say I see the claimed effects.

Maybelline Baby Lips "Pink Punch" and Au naturel eyeshadow palette by Sleek

Love the Pink Punch!♥ While Peach Kiss only gives a little nude shine on your lips, the Pink Punch really IS pink♥ In my opinion, these aren't very hydrating.

And the eyeshadow, so full of pigment!

And I tried it on! If you only can see anything:
Sorry for the weird looking face :''') I think that I didn't really succeed, but I didn't fail completely either!

There is still some things to renew among my beauty products.
In my wishlist, there are a better powder, a better eyeliner and a non-alcohol toner, maybe some new blushes too. I have already found my favourite mascara, False Lash Effect Waterproof By Max Factor,
so no need to look for a better one.
Although I love the bb by Missha, I'm still going to try different bbs, they kinda got me hooked.
I'm waiting for one package atm~

Latest nail art!
I wanted to try something more "elegant"....

Despite the ultimate half-assity of the nail art, I actually liked these a lot! I spent time in lectures just staring these, lol.

Artwork of the summer:

I was quite unproductive; in three months, I drew only these eleven, a few rough sketches and one work which is still in progress. Even getting a new set of coloured pencils didn't make me super productive love them though, boohoo! I'm lazy putting anything to deviantart because of the scanner problems etc. Maybe later.

My studies are going to turn more intensive than ever (though more interesting too) + I'm a little sick now
--> my current mood is just tiiiiireeeeeed.............image



  1. Hahaa, mie just joku aika sit ostin Sleekin Bad Girl-paletin! Pitää toi kyl kans hommata :3 hintaan nähden ihan tosi hyvälaatusia ja -pigmenttisiä.

    1. Haha juu niin mie instassa huomasin että olit ostanu! :D Mutta kyllä kannattaa hankkia, tuo on tosi hyvä peruspaletti♥

    2. Tilasitko senkin Koreasta? Meinaan tuolla nettikaupasta mistä tilasin ei näy olevan sitä... vaikka viimeks kun katoin niin oli miusta o.o hyvä tässä keskustella, ehkä oisin voinu viestilläkin laittaa..... :L

    3. Ei kun ihan vaan pretty.fistä! Näyttää olevan siellä loppu varastosta, mutta toivotaan että ne saa sitä lisää jossain vaiheessa, kannattaa varmaan pitää silmällä. Sivuilla ei näkyny, mutta googlella vielä löysin. Ja kyllä miulle saa laittaa viestiäkin ;)