Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dream or Truth – Empty Girl

Hello again!

I'm lazy to take outfit pictures, it's a bad thing for my so called style diary.
Anyway, here's some:

I picked blueberries - and other berries -  as planned. It's so relaxing to be in the woods~  You get some physical exercise too when you pick so it's pretty nice. I tend to listen bands like Girugamesh and Dir en grey,
when picking berries listening to them just feels right.
Growling and screaming are very suitable to the silence of the woods♥

Even though everyone said there's no blueberries anywhere, we have found them in many places and picked a decent amount to our freezer.

My work ended so I was able to paint my nails again♥ ;_______;

My sister had her 23th birthday and we baked a cake together:

The Groke from the Moomins!!! It is pretty scary......
The Groke is scary, I would die if I encountered the real Groke at night....
(but I still think that the Lady of the Cold would be even worse thing to face,
she is dangerous for real, while the Groke is only very very lonely!)
the birthday table - Groke is going to eat the other cake!!

Still one week of holiday left. I'm just going to be lazy while I can, meet my friends, visit Ikea and that kind of things~~ In addition to improving my style, my newest project is to renew the contents of my makeup pouch - to find the  best makeup products for me.
Even though weather has gotten chillier, I  like the early autumn, it's so refreshing and pretty!



  1. Love your nail art, and the cake was so cool! jaja

    I'm a new follower, here's my blog if you want to see it

    1. Oh, thank you!!! ;w;♥

      I will take a look!