Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ultramarin Hell


I had about worst birthday ever = I don't want to write about it.
I have got used to my work = it doesn't make me so tired anymore.

chocolate-liquorice cake
(macarons are frozen products, we are still practising to make those^^")

By the way, I finally bought myself a new set of Faber-Castell coloured pencils!♥

Faber-Castell's pencils have always been my drawing tools. Since they are so long lasting, I still have short remainings of F-C pencils from my childhood which I have been using until this day. In addition to my short Faber-Castell's, I have been using Denwert's Studio coloured pencils (set of 24). I have dreamed about new Faber-Castell pencils for a long time and wanted a wider range of colours.

My old tools - Denwerts and random collection of Faber- Castells

And there they are, my new love:
These have many good sides: colours are so rich, these are easy to erase, no wax-bloom (unlike my Denwerts!!). Only con I can come up with now is that the colour selection of the 36 set is a bit weird for my liking, I would have appreciated some skin tones and one cold grey instead of two warm greys... And because the pencils are so round they tend to roll and fall to floor, if you are not careful. XD But overall, the pencils = love. I am already thinking about buying the set of 120...

Animecon XI came and went. I have to say that at least for me, the event was somewhat boring. Oh well, at least I got some variation to my summer...
Quick half-assed nails for Animecon. Boohoo short nails because of work

Animecon outfits, days 1&2:

I just hung out little, did my work shifts and went home...
In any case, the anime concert was great. They played also Lilium (from Elfen Lied).♥

How my animecon behind the info desk looked like

It's only less than three weeks work left! Yayyy~.
But soon it's also time to pick berries, so no lazy holiday for me!