Monday, April 7, 2014

Black Box Theory


ヽ(´ー`)ノ my life is boring, so let's complain a little:

I will probably get a summer job again. I'm glad,but if I have to do my advanced studies at the same time, it will be hard. So I'm not really waiting for summer, it won't feel like a holiday at all. At least I have a long Easter holiday, starting next Tuesday...
My favourite band Hana Shounen Baddies lost their drummer and they went on hiatus. I'm so sad, I just love them so much and boohooo noooo ;___;

┐(‘~`)┌ okay, let's stop. Moving on--->

One day I got this package! which, by the way, looked absolutely hideous.

So let's see what it contained!

This was the main reason for my order. Faux-leather backpack with wings, it's so cute ;__; It was love with first sight. It's surprisingly roomy, and the quality is so great too!Photobucket

Rest are more or less impulse purchases. I really didn't wait this from me, I'm always so strict with money. But then I thought "whatevöööö" and just bought some nice things... D:

A cute blusher! My very first blusher, I have wanted to try them out for a long time~

I also bought this beanie ...
...and cute tights, which I'm going to wear when it gets a bit warmer, it's still too cold.

Bling bling again, I'm so fabulous random.

To get something different to do in summer, I applied for a volunteer worker in Animecon again. It would be fun, since I'm probably not able to make longer trips...
To creep everyone out, let's end this post with this:



  1. Okay, this last pic really looks scary in more ways than one. (o'-'o) But OH MY GOSH! This bag is SO FREAKING cute! ;A; ♥

    1. Haha, but luckily it only looks scary, in reality it was fun, though the vision of my left eye worsened temporarily.
      Isn't it? The bag is pure love ;____; ♥