Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mad Head Love


Oh, I ruined my "post at least once in a month"-principle. Where did the February go? It went past so fast that I don't have any memories of it. O_o I have had so many things on my mind.... Surprisingly, studying took most of my time. We have had two exams and -mentally demanding- language lectures. That basically was my boring February.

Even though February was boring it still included some photoshooting.

I had problems with my phone - the battery of it swelled breaking the back of the phone's case. This has happened earlier too, it wasn't first time... I am probably buying a new phone next month. Until then I am using my sister's old phone. I don't like it, it's weird, and it's so hard to take selfies with it!(>_<) my favourite pastime made hard, lol.

Bye to my 5,5 years old pink dear ;__; and my temporary partner - and all that dust on the screens

Nails of late January and February:

Artwork of January and February:

my camera ruined colours ;_;

On the other hand I have felt  tired and meh but on the other hand I have felt somehow great and quite pro lately. Seems like a good start to spring.