Sunday, December 8, 2013

~Hide Your Wings In A Ghost Tower~


Christmas is soon, yay! I don't have any exams left, but still some lessons to attend. Next wednesday, finally, it's holiday.

I tried to make Christmasy nails. I didn't have the kind of blingbling nail polish I wanted to use, so they're kind of lame. Oh well~ I had to cut my nails for the school (again, boo!), and didn't like it..

Do you have a Christmas calendar? One day, my sister appeared to my door and to celebrate my name day, she gave me this:

Isn't it cute? (・ω・○) Somehow I have been disliking the idea of chocolate calendars, there would be less thrash if you just bought a chocolate bar. But I can't help liking this D: After all, it's nice to have one after so many years, but I still wouldn't have bought one myself.

Some toy catalogues came by mail and I enthusiastically flipped them through. It was fun to see how toys look like nowadays, even though some toys will be there year after year without changing - like those horrible makeup-heads.  After going through the catalogues, I clipped cutest or other way nice pictures, like cool barbies or moomin house and glued them to my "diary". I spent two hours on this and enjoyed every moment.
Could there be any limits for my childishness? haha

some weirdo here uguu
Lately I have been sitting in uni from 9 am to 6 pm and haven't really bothered myself thinking what to wear. Anyway, it was finally time for the debut of the Spice girls shirt! I love it. looking unhappy in the picture though

By the way, I hate it when a guy asks you out and you have to turn him down. It's even worse if you are hanging with same people. He might not even talk to you anymore after being turned down. Yup, I had a frustrating night. Guys don't ask me out too often, though...

Some random sketch. I wanted to try something else than visual kei. Women aren't my speciality... I have too many works waiting to be put in dA. Since I don't have a scanner I have to take pictures of them with a camera, but it's hard to get straight pictures. It makes me angry.

...and my most recent work, actually finished it this morning. Still long way to go to manage realism.

I am really looking forward to Christmas. I haven't bought any presents yet, but I have some plans. I have also planned what to bake, can't wait~~~ The best thing about Christmas is the christmasy atmosphere!

I hope that this Christmas will be fun for you all!



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