Sunday, November 10, 2013

Making It Clear That I'm Not Here


I don't have very much to say. This month is very busy with my studies. I was in a battle mode and I finished four essays in a week, even though the dead line is still weeks to come. I have some tests coming too, so I decided to make some effort now, it will be easier later. I'm actually pretty clever, ha! My days have been like study-eat-exercise-escapism-sleep, going through the same pattern every day. I am also starting the advanced part of my studies (hopefully), so things will be tough, maybe. (x_x;)

the surface of the pond was fascinating

How I have looked like. Nothing special, just keeping a little style diary here...

Noodles! Another remarkable moment of my life...... Even though noodles are considered to be "the student food", I have eaten noodles only three times in these two years. This time it was soba noodles. By the way, I love that bowl.

I went photoshooting with my sister and this was the best picture of me...
I just don't know how to pose!image

Winter cherry blossom nails, they look better live.. -.-

I made some (rather unnoticeable) changes with the layout of my blog. I finally found the reason why my codes won't work etc and changed the theme to "simple"... I would like to change the header too, but on the other hand, I like the current one so I will let it be for a while...

Anyway, I'm waiting Christmas enthusiastically! I want to bake gingerbread cookies! I want to chill out in the light of candles and listen to Christmas songs! To give presents! I can't wait! image




  1. I love your look and your nails are so beautiful.
    i'm waiting for Christmas so much because i love to give presents too and i bought lot of items for my family members and friends.
    bai, Shiki

    1. Oh, thank you! ♥
      Christmas really is the best!! (⌒▽⌒)☆