Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Present Day, Present Time


Yesterday I started school again. That means that my sweet holiday with happy days is over. -_- Back to everyday life, lots of studying ahead. I hope this will be a good school year...
But in any case, let's still cling to the summer and the holiday for a moment;

Somebody had bought my mother's painting, so one day we went to Kaavi to deliver it. It was really like a village sightseeing tour, since our route was Kaavi-Riistavesi-Tuusniemi. Visiting those kind of little villages was fun, but at the same time it made me somehow sad. The melancholic feeling originates from the fact that the little villages in the "countryside" are slowly dying - empty store windows, old buildings - due the economical issues and migration to bigger cities.
          Anyway, in those villages, we checked all the flea markets. I was glancing the pile of cd's in one of them - I didn't even guess what I would come across. Suddenly my eyes catched a glimpse of japanese text and to my surprise I found six Japanese cd's. O_O

Five of them were from Porno Graffitti, one from X Japan. The salesperson apparently didn't know what she was selling, so I got them all with only a 50 snt :'''DD It was 10 snt/cd, but I got one for free since the cd box was badly shattered. The other boxes weren't in top condition either, but cd's were intact, so indeed it was a good deal for me.:3
           I guess almost every listener of j-music knows X Japan, but for anyone who don't know Porno graffitti: they are a pop-rock duo (duo nowadays, since Tama left), the music of which is very catchy. Even though I have been liking their music for a long time - since I heard their song Melissa as an opening song for Fullmetal alchemist - for some reason I haven't been listening them much. Akihito really has unique singing voice, in a good way, what's more.

         I didn't find anything else, but my mother found a pair of beautiful tripod coffee cups.

Nauroin kun näin tän, vähän erilainen Hopeanuoli.. Plus 10 mk etuseteli puuhamaahan!

I gave a try for water colors. It has been years since I last time painted with them, so I was pretty unsure about how I should approach them. I decided to start with easy colouring of two quickly drawn pictures.

I'm not totally satisfied with the results, but this is a nice "beginning".

While I was painting, I had another paper next to me to test the colors on. After finishing the main work, I finished the test papers too. I like them maybe more than the works I spent a couple of hours with...

The other day we baked bread. Have I mentioned that baking is fun? -laughs- Home baked bread straight from the oven is so delicious~ We made four breads with two different recipes - two crunchy white breads and two not-so-straight-from-the-recipe breads. For the crunchy bread, we made a sourdough a day earlier and finished the dough and baking next day, whereas the other dough was shaped into loaves, left to rise overnight in a fridge and baked next day. In other words, baking process was rather slow, but really worth it.


my sister's 22nd birthday party♥
One sunny morning I washed my dear converse shoes again. They soaked in hot water with mäntysuopa (tall oil soap?) and laundry soap overnight. Next morning I changed the water and went outside to scrub the dirt off. The color brightened a lot... I'll maybe not wash the shoes anymore, since they're falling apart - there is several holes already. Those have been good shoes...

...the GazettE's gig is coming soon. Last week I ordered train tickets and booked a hotel room. My mother wants to go to Helsinki too, so we are going to spend a long weekend there.
I can't wait. 



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