Thursday, August 15, 2013



Berries, berries everywhere.
When I close my eyes, I see berries. It's a weird feeling, but I guess it's a common symptom after picking berries, since it has happened to my mother, too. I have been picking berries too much, almost every day. Starting from blueberries in the woods -yhyy asun landella-, continuing to rasberries, black- and redcurrants in our yard.

Berry-picking is boooring, but while picking berries one really has time to think all kind of things and listen to music. Of course that's a reward when there's berries in the freezer and berry juice for a long winter in the cellar, but it still sucks... :D In fact, berries I have picked won't even benefit me when they're here in my parent's place, I didn't pick them for myself.

Apart from picking berries, I have been baking a lot again. Baking is so fun~!♥ We for example had a little party for our relative whose confirmation party we weren't able to attend earlier. I also have visited my friend's housewarming party and done some shopping in Joensuu. I finally bought a skirt. It's the first one I have ever bought... O-o

kur-pitsa-pitsaa, lol ♥

I'm having crises again. Problems with my so-called style, I hate my hair and myself. -_- It feels so nice to be frustrated and depressed when it's summer... but soon it's autumn, a good season for depression, lol angst.

I master the pointless camwhoring...

kynnet blingaa irl, ei näy ;___;
I'm currently working on a drawing that I'm very excited about. I'm drawing an imaginary visual kei band, I haven't been this excited for a long time.✧ω✧ I have so many big plans (but carrying them out it's an another thing), I want to challenge myself. Watercolours are one thing I decided to give a try for. It would be nice to draw cartoons again, too.

And the great Code Geass is taking my time away. I actually seem to like mecha anime. ._.'

Let's quit this post with a great song
by a band the name of which precisely describes my past days:
I like how it looks like there's toothpaste or something dripping from the mouth of Hazuki XD ♥



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