Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm in the mood for dancing

Hello again!

The summer job has really taken my time, but after getting used to it, it doesn't take all of my energy away anymore. Time has passed quickly and I have only two days left in my work, soon I can really have a holiday!image
A second hand finding - the pattern is so cute!
I celebrated my birthday by having a cosy party with couple of friends. Having a tea party like that was so much fun.

failed macarons... it doesn't always go as in Strömsö ^_^"

Though I have been working a lot I also had time to travel a little.
I went to Karkkila with my parents to visit my uncle. From Karkkila, we drove to Porvoo and Fiskars. Porvoo - especially the old part of city - was very beautiful, whereas I didn't like Fiskars very much, partly because it was raining that day, partly because I didn't find the village interesting.


I had a week without work shifts, so I used the opportunity and lacquered my nails! It felt so good... The Union Jack in grey has been on my mind for a while. I finally got to made it, the design looks better in short nails anyway...

Then, the Animecon X I looked forward to! I went to Kuopio day earlier to make some prepatations and clean my flat. There I received a birthday present from my sister. It was a big mirror, I have really been wanting one!~
I spent most of my Animecon time in info desk as a volunteer worker. Although it was quite hectic, it was also so much fun! The anime concert was really good! The Kuopio philharmonic orchestra played many great pieces, and couple from my favourite animes too. For example Sadame from X/1999Mononoke hime and the opening of UminekoKatayoku no Tori - were so great that I had shivers. I like listening soundtracks, so for me it was really interesting.
By the way, my favourite anime soundtracks are those from Akira movie, Ghibli (Totoro♥) and Hellsing. Listeining random anime openings is fun too.
Day 1 & 2
I really loved my hair for sunday... It was so easy to do but still so nice and long-lasting, no less!
Summing the trips in Eastern Finland and Kuopio, I travelled over 1500 km by a car in one week.

My near future plans include only things like picking blueberries, learning new kanji and drawing. I have actually been pretty productive past months, but since digitizíng my drawings is so hard I haven't submitted any of them to dA...
Maybe I will also visit Kuopio again. I will also watch the Kamen rider Kabuto, yay!