Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Smula sönder


I find January to be the most depressing month. Either is too cold and too bright, or too cold and dark. The year has only began, after long sweet Christmas holiday and the New Years. There's nothing special about January, you just go on with your studies and try to manage in the cold. Summer feels to be so far away! Don't get me wrong, I like winter and especially snow flakes, but still. February is only a bit better, because of Shrovetide (laskiainen in Finnish) and Valentine's Day. I wait spring, I love the feeling when spring sun is warming your cheeks. Brightness of spring is something different than brightness in winter, it isn't so harsh...

I wasn't dead in January though. I had an interesting but demanding phase in my studies, so that took a lot of my time.. Still I had time to draw (a lot!) and watch random anime at night.
I went also shopping in Matkus. I suprised myself by spending a lot of money because of the winter sales. O_o I usually don't find anything, but that really was my day.

bag- Cubus
t-shirt - New Yorker
sweater - New Yorker

scarf - Cubus
white furballs - H&M
earphones - Cybershop I love Rilakkuma.

This is what I bought at that day (+basic black jeans etc). I think that soon I will have too many pink clothes. XD but I had to get that candyfloss-like sweater, it's was too cute! bad picture ruins the lovely colour And the t-shirt with studs!  I'm really into studded things now, I dream of studded jacket or shoes... That bag was also such a discovery, I have been looking for a smaller bag and it was even -70%.

I'm having a slight crisis with my style... I look just plain boring, and I hate my hair. I try constantly improve my style, I have a hint of what I want, but making it reality isn't that easy. I love pastel colours, skulls, crosses, black and white, cute things, and want to make it visible in my style too. Oh I wish I had more money, I hope I get that summer job I applied for...


Some sweets. I went home again, and yum. That chocklad-cupcake (made by my sister and her friend) was so frikkin' delicious ;___; I actually was near to burst into tears when eating it! (that may have something to do with the fact that I usually eat simple and cheap food, since I'm only a student, and now got something like that...) It was almost too good.

And shrove buns! (somehow "shrove bun" sounds terrible, it has to be laskiaispulla!) We usually have a jam version of laskiaispulla, I even haven't tasted the almond one. I would love to, though. The buns in the upper picture are from a bakery, lower home-made. We tried something new, instead of strawberry jam we used redcurrent jam. It was a good thing to do, since they turned out so tasty. ;u;
...Somehow I have baked a lot lately, since there was Christmas, New years, Shrovetide, and then my mother held a party for her friends. I planned to photograph those cakes too, but guests ate them before I had time. XD

making the starters for the party, rye bread with tomato and goat cheese

Such a boring nails, I know. They look better live though. I had to shorten my nails since my studies recuired using plastic gloves, it wouldn't have been nice if my nails had ripped the gloves.. I have lost picture of my Christmas nails, it's sad...

...One drawing from January. I spent many hours colouring this, and after it felt like I don't want to see green anymore. I had a nice plan behind this, but in the end it become totally different.. I'm not sure do I like this or not... somehow this bothers me.

my face that nobody will forget that I have one
I have been listening this a lot, Amo was once my favourite KERA model:



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