Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hi again, Merry Christmas, Seasonal Greetings, Happy Holiday and stuff!
My Christmas went traditionally and surprisingly smoothly with family. In the morning of Christmas eve, we watched "Joulupukin kuumalinja" (Santa's Hotline), visited the graves and so on. In the evening, just when we were in the middle of present giving, a blackout occured. We opened last presents in the light of torches. It was a different Christmas eve, and quite fun actually.

I had only one Christmas wish, Billy's album Bright, which I got and absolutely love.image I asked everyone to not to buy me any other presents. I didn't want anything forced or useless just because it's Christmas, but of course they didn't listen and I got some other (nice) presents too. not complaining since I liked them but still XD

My very Christmasy nails. Maybe I should have made these monstrous eyes for Halloween instead... By the way, that black thumb nail reminds me of Megu from Hakkenden (though Megu's eye is purple, not red). I don't usually use pictures from internet in my blog, but now I have to:

Genpachi: Is it delicious, Megu?
Shiro: Megu?!
Genpachi: An eyeball "medama", which is slightly grotesque "guroi". In short, "Megu".
megua ei kiinnosta
It's shame that only Genpachi liked Megu XD Oh, I miss Hakkenden, the series were so good, though I wasn't happy with the ending.

Ever since my holiday began, I have been doing (a lot of) housework and Christmas preparations. Since I now have time, so I have also been fangirling a lot. Such a bad habit...♥ Japanese dramas and actors are just so good.
And since my artistic needs must be fulfilled too, I have been drawing. Some bad pictures of one drawing progress, here you go:

I drew a pirate again... I also started drawing a self portrait, I am drawing myself without even looking to mirror, I trust that I remember my face, lol.

I am going to go watch the second Hobbit movie next week, can't wait~
I'm probably not going to do anything interesting in the New Years, just chilling out home watching movies. I don't really understand the fuss about it, I don't even like fireworks...
But anyway, even though I am early, Happy New Year for you all!ミ☆



Sunday, December 8, 2013

~Hide Your Wings In A Ghost Tower~


Christmas is soon, yay! I don't have any exams left, but still some lessons to attend. Next wednesday, finally, it's holiday.

I tried to make Christmasy nails. I didn't have the kind of blingbling nail polish I wanted to use, so they're kind of lame. Oh well~ I had to cut my nails for the school (again, boo!), and didn't like it..

Do you have a Christmas calendar? One day, my sister appeared to my door and to celebrate my name day, she gave me this:

Isn't it cute? (・ω・○) Somehow I have been disliking the idea of chocolate calendars, there would be less thrash if you just bought a chocolate bar. But I can't help liking this D: After all, it's nice to have one after so many years, but I still wouldn't have bought one myself.

Some toy catalogues came by mail and I enthusiastically flipped them through. It was fun to see how toys look like nowadays, even though some toys will be there year after year without changing - like those horrible makeup-heads.  After going through the catalogues, I clipped cutest or other way nice pictures, like cool barbies or moomin house and glued them to my "diary". I spent two hours on this and enjoyed every moment.
Could there be any limits for my childishness? haha

some weirdo here uguu
Lately I have been sitting in uni from 9 am to 6 pm and haven't really bothered myself thinking what to wear. Anyway, it was finally time for the debut of the Spice girls shirt! I love it. looking unhappy in the picture though

By the way, I hate it when a guy asks you out and you have to turn him down. It's even worse if you are hanging with same people. He might not even talk to you anymore after being turned down. Yup, I had a frustrating night. Guys don't ask me out too often, though...

Some random sketch. I wanted to try something else than visual kei. Women aren't my speciality... I have too many works waiting to be put in dA. Since I don't have a scanner I have to take pictures of them with a camera, but it's hard to get straight pictures. It makes me angry.

...and my most recent work, actually finished it this morning. Still long way to go to manage realism.

I am really looking forward to Christmas. I haven't bought any presents yet, but I have some plans. I have also planned what to bake, can't wait~~~ The best thing about Christmas is the christmasy atmosphere!

I hope that this Christmas will be fun for you all!



Sunday, November 10, 2013

Making It Clear That I'm Not Here


I don't have very much to say. This month is very busy with my studies. I was in a battle mode and I finished four essays in a week, even though the dead line is still weeks to come. I have some tests coming too, so I decided to make some effort now, it will be easier later. I'm actually pretty clever, ha! My days have been like study-eat-exercise-escapism-sleep, going through the same pattern every day. I am also starting the advanced part of my studies (hopefully), so things will be tough, maybe. (x_x;)

the surface of the pond was fascinating

How I have looked like. Nothing special, just keeping a little style diary here...

Noodles! Another remarkable moment of my life...... Even though noodles are considered to be "the student food", I have eaten noodles only three times in these two years. This time it was soba noodles. By the way, I love that bowl.

I went photoshooting with my sister and this was the best picture of me...
I just don't know how to pose!image

Winter cherry blossom nails, they look better live.. -.-

I made some (rather unnoticeable) changes with the layout of my blog. I finally found the reason why my codes won't work etc and changed the theme to "simple"... I would like to change the header too, but on the other hand, I like the current one so I will let it be for a while...

Anyway, I'm waiting Christmas enthusiastically! I want to bake gingerbread cookies! I want to chill out in the light of candles and listen to Christmas songs! To give presents! I can't wait! image



Friday, October 11, 2013

Mahou Shoujo vs Mecha Sensei


...Maybe I should post more often, since it seems that things to post tend to accumulate... and I forget what has happened. Studying makes me busy and lazy!
By the way, thanks for the new readers!

Autumn has arrived. On the other hand, I miss summer, but on the other hand, I love the colorful falling leaves, they're beautiful. The sunny days in autumn are best! I could spend whole day walking in the woods... It's also fun to go walking now when it's getting darker earlier.

back to school nails
I almost forgot that I had a third try with water colours at the end of summer holiday. I wanted to try something more "realistic", something else than visual kei guys or manga-inspired stuff. After pondering it for a while, Haruichi Shindo from Porno Graffitti became a source of my inspiration, I wanted to paint something like him. Painting was fun, but somehow, something went wrong. I am not completely happy with result - what a surprise. Too much self-criticism?
By the way, I rarely draw or paint moustaches or beards.image

The paper to test colours.. didn't go very well either ''-.-

The gig of the GazettE came and went.
I travelled to Helsinki with my mother. We took a train early saturday, arrived by noon. Saturday passed, as we visited for example Kiasma.
          And Sunday, the awaited day of the GazettE's gig! I would have queued for the gig from the morning, if I had had someone to queue with. I didn't get anyone to accompany me, and didn't want to queue alone. I felt pretty depressed when I saw the queue early in the morning, I felt like "I should be there too". In the end I was a bit happy that I didn't have to queue, since the weather was freezing. My symphathies for those who spent the whole day queuing...
         Instead of queuing, I went throught a lot of second hand shops and galleries with my mother. We visited also a little shop called Luca Kiosk. I just have to advertise it, since it feels like its existence isn't well known. The shop was cute and staff was really nice! They sell for example Japanese sweets and totoro stuff. It seems that they sell those Dolly wink lashes and gyaru magazines, too.

Nails for the gig, I personally like these a lot. They're a kind of cartoonish!
I joined the queue later than my original intention was, but better late than even later, since the queue grew long behind me too. However, I queued over an hour.
              By the time I got in the Circus, all the t-shirts had been sold (boohoo!) and since the hoodie wasn't my style, I left without buying anything... I got a place from back, somewhere behind the mixing desk. That wasn't the best place, but I saw the gig quite well, mostly Ruki though. And swirling Reita! ♥ The song I enjoyed most was Ruder. The gig was great and the guys were awesome, but if it only could have lasted longer. ;___;

My outfit for the gig
I got a flu in Helsinki. But I think I can't really say that it's the gaze flu, which seemed to be spreading after the gig... :D
          Monday was suffering, my feet and back were so tired. Still I had to walk around so much when we did some shopping. We returned home by train on Monday night.

I have made a few purchases. First in Helsinki, then I went to Matkus shopping centre this week. I lost my heart to these and ended up buying them:

And a new beanie!♥

I visited Tiimari, too. There was clearance sales because of the bankrupt. It makes me sad, I clearly remember the days when I was little, went to Tiimari and bought dog stickers, 10 pennies a sheet... am I old or something.. I couldn't resist so I bought these cute stickers... "Hello, I'm a twenty-year-old university student!" But they're so cute, I love stickers!

I made a finding from our wardrobe again.

Irresistible, isn't it? By the time Spice Girls was popular, I was still too little, maybe five years old, but my big sister was a fan of them, so I guess this is hers. It still fits me! But...

...the shirt says that I'm too old for it! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻┻



Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Present Day, Present Time


Yesterday I started school again. That means that my sweet holiday with happy days is over. -_- Back to everyday life, lots of studying ahead. I hope this will be a good school year...
But in any case, let's still cling to the summer and the holiday for a moment;

Somebody had bought my mother's painting, so one day we went to Kaavi to deliver it. It was really like a village sightseeing tour, since our route was Kaavi-Riistavesi-Tuusniemi. Visiting those kind of little villages was fun, but at the same time it made me somehow sad. The melancholic feeling originates from the fact that the little villages in the "countryside" are slowly dying - empty store windows, old buildings - due the economical issues and migration to bigger cities.
          Anyway, in those villages, we checked all the flea markets. I was glancing the pile of cd's in one of them - I didn't even guess what I would come across. Suddenly my eyes catched a glimpse of japanese text and to my surprise I found six Japanese cd's. O_O

Five of them were from Porno Graffitti, one from X Japan. The salesperson apparently didn't know what she was selling, so I got them all with only a 50 snt :'''DD It was 10 snt/cd, but I got one for free since the cd box was badly shattered. The other boxes weren't in top condition either, but cd's were intact, so indeed it was a good deal for me.:3
           I guess almost every listener of j-music knows X Japan, but for anyone who don't know Porno graffitti: they are a pop-rock duo (duo nowadays, since Tama left), the music of which is very catchy. Even though I have been liking their music for a long time - since I heard their song Melissa as an opening song for Fullmetal alchemist - for some reason I haven't been listening them much. Akihito really has unique singing voice, in a good way, what's more.

         I didn't find anything else, but my mother found a pair of beautiful tripod coffee cups.

Nauroin kun näin tän, vähän erilainen Hopeanuoli.. Plus 10 mk etuseteli puuhamaahan!

I gave a try for water colors. It has been years since I last time painted with them, so I was pretty unsure about how I should approach them. I decided to start with easy colouring of two quickly drawn pictures.

I'm not totally satisfied with the results, but this is a nice "beginning".

While I was painting, I had another paper next to me to test the colors on. After finishing the main work, I finished the test papers too. I like them maybe more than the works I spent a couple of hours with...

The other day we baked bread. Have I mentioned that baking is fun? -laughs- Home baked bread straight from the oven is so delicious~ We made four breads with two different recipes - two crunchy white breads and two not-so-straight-from-the-recipe breads. For the crunchy bread, we made a sourdough a day earlier and finished the dough and baking next day, whereas the other dough was shaped into loaves, left to rise overnight in a fridge and baked next day. In other words, baking process was rather slow, but really worth it.


my sister's 22nd birthday party♥
One sunny morning I washed my dear converse shoes again. They soaked in hot water with mäntysuopa (tall oil soap?) and laundry soap overnight. Next morning I changed the water and went outside to scrub the dirt off. The color brightened a lot... I'll maybe not wash the shoes anymore, since they're falling apart - there is several holes already. Those have been good shoes...

...the GazettE's gig is coming soon. Last week I ordered train tickets and booked a hotel room. My mother wants to go to Helsinki too, so we are going to spend a long weekend there.
I can't wait. 



Thursday, August 15, 2013



Berries, berries everywhere.
When I close my eyes, I see berries. It's a weird feeling, but I guess it's a common symptom after picking berries, since it has happened to my mother, too. I have been picking berries too much, almost every day. Starting from blueberries in the woods -yhyy asun landella-, continuing to rasberries, black- and redcurrants in our yard.

Berry-picking is boooring, but while picking berries one really has time to think all kind of things and listen to music. Of course that's a reward when there's berries in the freezer and berry juice for a long winter in the cellar, but it still sucks... :D In fact, berries I have picked won't even benefit me when they're here in my parent's place, I didn't pick them for myself.

Apart from picking berries, I have been baking a lot again. Baking is so fun~!♥ We for example had a little party for our relative whose confirmation party we weren't able to attend earlier. I also have visited my friend's housewarming party and done some shopping in Joensuu. I finally bought a skirt. It's the first one I have ever bought... O-o

kur-pitsa-pitsaa, lol ♥

I'm having crises again. Problems with my so-called style, I hate my hair and myself. -_- It feels so nice to be frustrated and depressed when it's summer... but soon it's autumn, a good season for depression, lol angst.

I master the pointless camwhoring...

kynnet blingaa irl, ei näy ;___;
I'm currently working on a drawing that I'm very excited about. I'm drawing an imaginary visual kei band, I haven't been this excited for a long time.✧ω✧ I have so many big plans (but carrying them out it's an another thing), I want to challenge myself. Watercolours are one thing I decided to give a try for. It would be nice to draw cartoons again, too.

And the great Code Geass is taking my time away. I actually seem to like mecha anime. ._.'

Let's quit this post with a great song
by a band the name of which precisely describes my past days:
I like how it looks like there's toothpaste or something dripping from the mouth of Hazuki XD ♥