Wednesday, December 26, 2012

~゚☆ the Christmas ☆゚~

...and Merry Christmas everybody and Seasonal Greetings and so on!

It has been a while, again.. So much things have happened again, too.. I for example moved again. I simply love my new place! My room has two windows with sea pond view, much space and a huge wardrobe. My new flatmate is also so nice! The full moving boxes will wait me there when my holiday ends....

I also were in the pikkujoulut (Christmas party) of our subject association, that was a start for my Christmas time this year. I had a work shift there, in the cloakroom, which was said that it is going to be a catastrophic place. but things ended happily and any jacket didn't get lost, hooray!

Dresscode: little black dress and Christmas hat (+ I had some jewelry too). Wc-picture lol_ Picture is taken after I got home from the party, my hair is already ruined :D I HAD so nice curls.. here's what you get when you don't realize that it would be better to take a picture right after doing your hair...

I went home to celebrate Christmas with my family. Things went quite traditionally, we visited the graveyard, ate, watched tv and got presents. Peaceful indeed... Maybe the best present I got was a Snö of sweden brace from mom or a shirt my sister gave me. Now that Christmas is nearly over all I wait is after-Christmas sales XD and after them I wait summer vacation. Things inside my head are so simple...

The gingerbread house (a village to be precise) which I made with my sisters. We will not touch gingerbreads for a while now XD btw, the motorcyclist riding over the bridge to Moominvalley is a self-image of my sister, she insisted on making one like that. :D

My "waiting for santa to come"-style. Coziness wins, my mothers woolly is just so comfortable and warm~~ and woolen stockings! I also had very fluffy hair, but no, in pictures it looks only like it's messy. Watching this picture I have been wondering why to take a picture with your crappy cell phone when you are real camera in your other hand.. Haha.

oh yeah pixels continuing

I think that I wont just laze around the rest of my holiday... I want to go out, it's so nice that weather will warm a bit and I can go out! I need excercises. This far I have mostly done the preparations for the Christmas - baking, cleaning and stuff. I have also read three random books, watched anime (Say I love you) and Kamen rider den o (which is like the best show ever XD I don't get how a show for children can be so good, maybe in Japan only). I have also tried to draw a lot.

The base. I tend to snuggle in the corner of the couch with all the essentials- my pencils, mp3, blanket and earmuffs (won't hear a thing from outside, only music.) Some random guy in progress.

..and (almost) ready. I think I need a bigger paper...

I have been thinking about making an account on deviantArt. I don't know how I haven't done it earlier.. Ò_ó? I will put a link somewhere here if I get it done...


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