Saturday, August 11, 2012



...It's so cold!! I'm sad, I had to use a jacket when I went out, the summer can't be over yet!! I still haven't gone to a picnic or beach! Oh noooo!

Recently I have been interested in drawing cartoons again, and really drew some. I draw everything by hand using only black pen, though it would be nice to draw by computer too. I really like the contrast of black and white in cartoons!
I finally finished one story which I started when I was in junior high (I will not show it, it's a bit embarrassing since it's so simple, clichéd and melancholic love story... but it's so great because it's so bad XD) and continued the storyboard of one other story, which was supposed to be some kind of fantasy... The problem is that I don't know what the whole thing really is about (I have only planned the beginning and some other scenes), so I am in the same situation as the main character, who is wondering "what the hell is going on?" .. :D This is my first time using storyboard before drawing, but that doesn't mean that the plot would be very good.. I want to get rid of that story and start a new one! My weakness is that I don't want to plan a plot, I just want to draw it, and so they became very simple... but funny later. Because of that I ought to draw short stories, but that fantasy story is going to be very long...

I finally used my fabric markers! The original idea was to draw a picture on a white shirt, but I didn't find any suitable model so I decided to decorate a canvas bag instead. Those fabric markers were better than I thought, they seemed to be for children so I was little worried... Here is some pictures about the process:


I like to draw human skulls! Pääkallo is so nice word haha<3 I draw them as tattoos and prints for the people I draw, is so simple way to do "the cool/horror/pirate effect". XD If you could see more of my drawings than I show, you would spot (too) many skulls... There's one I found, some random dude holding death's head; "To be or not to be?"

This is another canvas bag I decorated when I was maybe fourteen, this is done by textile printing. Weird picture, some woman jumping into the unknown... I have just recently started to like it...

A late birthday present from my sisters, "a survival kit"....

... containing all kinds of useful things I might need when moving out home!

Simple, once again... lazines takes over

...I have been reading a lot this summer... as some have noticed, mostly books by Japanese authors. I had a mission of reading Japanese literature available in our local library, I thought that it would be a good way to get to know more about the culture and the people. I don't know if I am wiser now, but I have read many good books, so I can't say that my mission was a total failure..

If you want to read a different book, read Parfyymi (Perfume: The Story of a Murderer). I thought that it would be a boring detective story, but I was wrong. I found out that book very interesting.

...I guess that's all for this time,