Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Avaruuden kieltäminen = pinta


It has happened a lot in recent weeks!

I for example celebrated my birthday. I turned 19 (so old already lol) and had a little birthday party. I got a cute handmade apron from a friend (among other things) ! I also got a birthday card from my Japanese friend, with whom I haven't been in contact for a long time, and that made me really happy. Somehow her cards have always been so gorgeous that I don't know if she picks the best cards or if all the cards in Japan looks so fantastic... 

My birthday look

Our family also took a holiday trip in Rovaniemi. We stayed at hotel, went to the artic circle and Arktikum, saw reindeer and did other things you do in Rovaniemi as a tourist. I and my sister also went shopping, and I bought jeans, accessories and a cute cardigan. We also went to the Korundi, which is a house of culture in the center of Rovaniemi. There was works by Reidar Särestöniemi and I liked his weird and colourful style a lot! Our trip in a nutshell by pictures:

Some other pictures from recent weeks:

usamimi wnb

I have been reading (interesting) books again.. As you can see that all of them are related to Japan :D  I liked The tale of Genji a lot, but it's so sad that only 1/3 of it has been translated in Finnish, and I can't find the English translation of it... That book by Endo was maybe the best which I have read from him this far, and that book by Kaori Ekuni was so good! I read only good books, haha.

I have also started to watch Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru. I fell in love with the coloured artworks of that manga. I saw them in a French magazine MadeinJapanplus, and that triggered my interest to watch that anime, though it is labelled as shonen ai, of which I am not really interested in as a genre... So far I have only been laughing at the cliches of Uraboku, but, in the end, it is very entertaining anime. And I have to say this, Luka is cool.

...I have been really irritated because Animecon and Ilosaarirock happened to be during the same weekend. Because of that I don't anyone to accompany me in the Animecon, I really wanted to go, though I am little afraid that cons aren't my thing anymore. So I am going to go only to Ilosaari.. Anyway, why hold two big events in the same part of  Finland at the same time? >:(


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