Sunday, June 3, 2012



Yesterday I graduated from high school!

We held a graduation party in our home and had invited some relatives and friends to party with us.

Unfortunately it was raining so the weather wasn't best for the party..

trying hard to pose in the rain and avoid mosquitoes 

some of the delicacies in my party

my simple nails for the party (took the picture later so they're already a bit  ruined lol) 

Now that the school is over and I have graduated, it's time for holiday!!
I have been studying a lot since December, first to the matriculation examination, and then to entrance exams, so I think I really deserve it. :D 

And I have a summer job too, starting tomorrow! I will be an assistant in the art camp for children.

I hope that the weather will be warm so we can be outside too..


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