Friday, June 29, 2012

eat these mangoes


Since I have been listening anime music a lot  for the past few days, I decided to do this post containing some random manga-style characters.
( The desire to listen to anime music is really like a disease when it strikes, and for the top of that I have been listening only the cute ones, like the opening songs of Onegai!MyMelody, Sugar Sugar Rune, Chobits, Hamtaro and so on... D: )

As I said earlier, I nowadays don't draw mainly manga as I did when I was in the secondary school, but I draw it when I feel like it or want to draw something fast.

So here is some random sketches:

Some kind of warrior, going to space station, maybe?

This is old, -09. You can clearly see the influence of Toradora! and Azumanga..
( I know that it's じょがくせい, not じよがくせい like I wrote it..
I didn't know when I drew this :''D )


I wanted to draw the movement

"Vain pikkusielut piirtävät pieniä kuvia - only prigs draw small pictures"
(Muumeista, jakso Nipsu apumiehenä tai joku,  Myy sanoo
noin Vilijonkan lapsille.. :D Ihan paras)

Recent purchases:

Biiig cardigan! I bought this from a second hand shop thinking
about the upcoming autumn. I bought also a basic brown sweater there.

Men's sweater, from JC, discount -50%


Cute kitchen towels(?) to my new home and t-shirt markers.
I have already big plans for what I am going to do
with those markers :-D

I finally bought myself a camera, 550d (with the money I got as
a graduation present)!! Picture quality will improve lol-


New nails (simple again''), inspired by marshmallows

That's all for now,


  1. Jestas ku oot hyvä piirtään :O Btw, mikä objektiivi tossa kamerassa on? Onko sulla se peruskitti vai onko toi joku muu, näyttää jotenki pidemmältä? XD
    Rupesin lukijaks :3


    1. Voi, kiitos! :D

      Ja se objektiivi on EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 III, se on oikeestikin aika pitkä, yllätyin itekin. Ostin tuon kameran sellasena "pakettitarjouksena", kameran kanssa tuli 2 objektiivia(tuo ja toinen vielä tuotakin pidempi) ja muita tarvikkeita, "ylimääräisiä" objektiiveja en siis ole ostanut :)