Friday, June 29, 2012

eat these mangoes


Since I have been listening anime music a lot  for the past few days, I decided to do this post containing some random manga-style characters.
( The desire to listen to anime music is really like a disease when it strikes, and for the top of that I have been listening only the cute ones, like the opening songs of Onegai!MyMelody, Sugar Sugar Rune, Chobits, Hamtaro and so on... D: )

As I said earlier, I nowadays don't draw mainly manga as I did when I was in the secondary school, but I draw it when I feel like it or want to draw something fast.

So here is some random sketches:

Some kind of warrior, going to space station, maybe?

This is old, -09. You can clearly see the influence of Toradora! and Azumanga..
( I know that it's じょがくせい, not じよがくせい like I wrote it..
I didn't know when I drew this :''D )


I wanted to draw the movement

"Vain pikkusielut piirtävät pieniä kuvia - only prigs draw small pictures"
(Muumeista, jakso Nipsu apumiehenä tai joku,  Myy sanoo
noin Vilijonkan lapsille.. :D Ihan paras)

Recent purchases:

Biiig cardigan! I bought this from a second hand shop thinking
about the upcoming autumn. I bought also a basic brown sweater there.

Men's sweater, from JC, discount -50%


Cute kitchen towels(?) to my new home and t-shirt markers.
I have already big plans for what I am going to do
with those markers :-D

I finally bought myself a camera, 550d (with the money I got as
a graduation present)!! Picture quality will improve lol-


New nails (simple again''), inspired by marshmallows

That's all for now,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mahdottoman Prosessin Mikroskooppinen Selitys


Recently I have been..

1) ...working. My summer job lasted only from Monday to Friday, but I had fun as an art camp assistant again! In the camp children made for example their own badges (theme was bugs), and I was allowed to do my own too!

my bug badge, I hate bugs :D

2)... watching movies. I don't often watch movies (or tv), but recently I watched 4:
Sucker Punch, Pokémon 10: Rise of Darkrai, Easy A and Summer Wars.  I can
recommend them all expect the Pokémon movie, it wasn't bad but it was.. well, a Pokémon movie. :D

I watched also the last two episodes of Japanese drama Hotaru no hikari. It was definitely that kind of drama which makes you want to shout to characters what they should do (when they're doing the opposite thing) while watching... :D I thought that I will watch Kimi ni todoke next..

3)... reading books. Since it's holiday I finally have time to read... I liked a lot of the book in the middle, Vilpittömästi sinun by Pekka Hiltunen, it was very interesting! Recently I have also read Dragonball a lot, it's such good a manga! 

4)... checking our wardrobes. From one wardrobe (where we keep old clothes) I found orange shorts! I had to narrow them a bit. I planned to do that myself, but when I asked one stupid question about the sewing machine my mother decided to do that for me :'''D (I can use it, really :D) But now their shape is like I wanted it to be! I'm very happy because I now got some colour to my "style", I own so many black and white clothes..
The shorts, high waist!

From my own wardrobe, I found some shirts, which I have bought at a reduced price but haven't used because they are quite big and didn't seem to match with any of my clothes.. So I decided to try them on again.

"Non violent tee", I bought this because I liked the colours

"Travelling at the speed of light - Travelling at the speed of sound" I loved the text

...I guess I will start to wear those. :D I found also my Hello Kitty kigurumi, I haven't used it after Animecon 2009.

I know you love pixels

5) ...doing other random stuff. I have tried to draw but it didn't feel good so I gave up, for a while.

It's soooo nice weather so I'm going out now!


Sunday, June 3, 2012



Yesterday I graduated from high school!

We held a graduation party in our home and had invited some relatives and friends to party with us.

Unfortunately it was raining so the weather wasn't best for the party..

trying hard to pose in the rain and avoid mosquitoes 

some of the delicacies in my party

my simple nails for the party (took the picture later so they're already a bit  ruined lol) 

Now that the school is over and I have graduated, it's time for holiday!!
I have been studying a lot since December, first to the matriculation examination, and then to entrance exams, so I think I really deserve it. :D 

And I have a summer job too, starting tomorrow! I will be an assistant in the art camp for children.

I hope that the weather will be warm so we can be outside too..