Monday, May 7, 2012

getting started


Yesterday we went to Joensuu to take down an art exhibition (not mine). It didn't took long, so we had also time to do some shopping. Or that is what we thought, since it was Sunday most shops were closed... But anyway, I bought this (among other things):

It is soon time to graduate from high school! (ignore my unlacquered nails and that "tigers-in-the-grass"-plastic-underlay-thingy..)

...It's now time to my show one of my sketches, I think. I had to took picture of it with a camera (because the scanner didn't copy them very well, colours were too light), so I am sorry that it maybe a bit distorted and such.

Some old works of mine, maybe -09. I don't really know where the idea came from, I bet that I just wanted to draw furisode (a formal style of kimono with long sleeves, worn by unmarried women) and the atmosphere is like that because of the anime Jigoku shoujo. I remember having fun while colouring this with coloured pencils, my hand hurt after colouring the black backround.. :D

Though I will show some pictures like this, I don't want to be profiled as a "manga-drawer". I don't draw "manga-style" anymore as much as I did some years ago, I am now drawing in much more realistic way, though it is still fun to draw "manga" when I am tired because it's so simple. :D

What do you like? (Personally I still like the idea but not the drawing itself :D )


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