Friday, May 25, 2012

Clean Up Day


...I'm so bored~! I decided to blog since I had nothing else to do now (lol).
Today we are just probably going to do some cleaning, because the graduation party is coming...

Ah! And the most important thing!  花少年バディーズ new album『Bible』07.11 and new single『Bicycle』08.08!! I'm so happy~ ;__; I can't wait...♥

Some random picture which I draw quite fast ( and that can be seen too).

I sometimes write lyrics etc to my drawings, and this time I have maybe listened to Kagerou's "Seisai to Hangyaku" (which by the way is a great song) while drawing...

But Kagerou wasn't the source of my inspiration this time, it was a band called THE COLD MILK. (Such a funny name for a band but they're good!) I tried to draw their guitarist, 風太, by a memory..


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