Thursday, May 24, 2012

Black and white


One of the entrance exams over, still one left.. I'm quite relieved that the hardest exam is over now, though that didn't go very well and I felt like **** after it... I got back pain and headache, and the headache lasted to this morning.. I don't feel very great even now, haha.

For obvious reasons I have just tried to relax today...


Some old drawing again:

This is another work from -09. I personally like this quite a lot..

This is drawing is one of three pictures that I consider as "series". "The series" (lol) are about a band, the number one is singer and the second is guitarist.. I will maybe post the other ones too someday. This is number three, and I think that this is the same guy as the singer..

It's quite a pity that I haven't completed the series, the original idea was to draw singer, two guitarists, bassist and drummer. Maybe someday..

Hmmm... Now that one of the exams is over I would like to start drawing cartoons again.. I have one long story unfinished and I have some ideas for new ones too.. But it's so hard to come up with a working plot, just good ideas aren't enough :D  

                                                                         The music of today

I really adore Yo-ka.. DIAURA is just so good. They really inspire me.

...It's now time to do some workout, so..


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